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this is bbc news. the headlines: in! and! england are into their first world cup semifinal in 28 years, after a 2—0 win against sweden in samara. headers from harry maguire and dele ali mean england will now face croatia, who've just beaten hosts russia, in moscow on wednesday. police officers are being for exposure to knowledge shock. following yesterday's cabinet agreement at chequers, the prime minister refuses to rule out preferential treatment for citizens from the eu after brexit but eurosceptic mps warn it could lead to a "worst—of—all—worlds" brexit. what i am clear about is that we will bring an end to free movement
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as we look ahead to the immigration rules for people coming from the eu we need to look at that in the context of the wider rules we have for immigration from outside of the eu, and we will decide the rules that are right for the uk. england are through to the semi—finals of the 2018 world cup, after they beat sweden in this afternoon's match. the final score was 2—0, with harry mcguire scoring the usual queue has formed. now they break. it has headed firmly end. the final score was 2—0, with harry mcguire scoring a header for their first goal. and here's the second goal — dele alli put the ball in the back in from lingard. in from dele alli.
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and here's the second goal — dele alli put the ball in the back of the net in the 58th minute. england will meet croatia on wednesday for a place in the final, after they knocked out russia on penalties in the last few minutes. in a moment we'lljoin viewers on bbc one for the main evening news, but first, here's olly foster, with his assessment of england's game today. as they extend their stay here in russia, did we really think we would be saying that all those weeks ago? as they headed here a very young, inexperienced team. but perhaps a tea m inexperienced team. but perhaps a team several generations on from the last england team to reach a world cup semifinal. italia 90, of course. remember missing those penalties. there have been a few near misses, spend's team in the early 2000 is
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reached quarterfinals. you said extraordinary, it was extraordinary for a lack of drama. remember, four nights ago that penalty shoot out against the colombians, we thought same old england, a penalty shoot out. but they came through that for the first time at a world cup, at the first time at a world cup, at the fourth time of asking getting through a penalty shoot out. then suddenly there was the belief, that wave of support, those millions back in the uk, i know you will go to one of the fan parks in just a moment, but that belief pushing gareth southgate's team on. eight of which we re southgate's team on. eight of which were not even born during italia 90! they are unscarred, they are playing with freedom, and it was such a straightforward win against the swedes. we did not see it coming. a little dramatic in the second half butjordan pickford, a superstar in the last 16, the goalkeeper pulled out three world—class saves yet again. i will be very surprised if he isn't heading for the golden
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glove, the prize for the best goalkeeper at a tournament. harry caine did not score, the captain, but he still leads the race for the golden boot. it was a nervous performance and you feel that this was the change —— it was an nerveless performance.... england are through to the semifinals of the world cup for the first time in almost 30 years. commentator: in from lingard! in from dele alli! they beat sweden 2-0 and now they are just one win away from next sunday's final. at home, millions watched on tv and on big screens and there were wild celebrations across the country. absolutely fab. expectation levels through the roof, now. they've done really well. in the semifinal, england will take on croatia. they have just beaten russia on penalties. also tonight, the prime
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minister defends the brexit plan she has agreed with her cabinet and refuses to rule out giving eu citizens preferential treatment on coming to the uk after brexit. after last weekend's nova choc nerve agent poisoning in wiltshire a police officer has been taken to hospital with tests. monsoon rains forecast in northern thailand, rescue teams are facing a race against time to save the 12 boys and their football coach on the cave where they are trapped. and britain's number one, kyle edmund crashes out of wimbledon defeated by novak djokovic. good evening. england are through to
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the world cup semifinals for the first time in almost 30 years. goals by harry maguire dele alli gave england a 2—0 victory against sweden this afternoon. gareth southgate's side is now one win away from a place in next sunday's final. dan millen joins place in next sunday's final. dan millenjoins us from place in next sunday's final. dan millen joins us from sumatra. in truth, england came here haven't already done enough, reaching the quarterfinals of their world cup with a young squad, a manager in his first major tournament in charge with historically low expectations represented progress and respectability. what we learned todayis respectability. what we learned today is that these players have lofty ambitions and they have the talent and the mindset to deliver when the pressure is at its highest and when it really matters. in a way very rarely seen before. coming home! coming home! for england fans, such occasions have proved all too rare, i2 england fans, such occasions have proved all too rare, 12 years having passed since their team was lost in a world cup quarterfinal. sumara
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felt like a once—in—a—lifetime chance for these players, a date with destiny as a nation held its breath. with so much at stake, a cagey breath. with so much at stake, a ca g ey start breath. with so much at stake, a cagey start was no surprise. jordan pickford soon demanding more from his team—mates. a burst from raheem sterling causing panic in the defence. harry kane dragging his shot wide. in and have a concept the specialists here and once again showed why. it is headed firmly in! harry maguire got his head to it. what a game to score your first international corp. was football heading home? sterling's pace was a co nsta nt heading home? sterling's pace was a constant menace but not for a first timea constant menace but not for a first time a lack of composure at a crucial moment proved costly. having become the hero of his side's victory in the last round, pickford soon victory in the last round, pickford soon came victory in the last round, pickford soon came to the rescue again but england were about to take their world cup to a level few had thought possible when they arrived here in russia. this is the stuff of dreams from the three lions. sweden
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punished for leaving dele alli unmarked, injured with a two goal lead their dominance deserved. a place in the last four now theirs to lose. but lose that they would not, the immense pickford having the game of his life as sweden desperately searched for a response to no avail. whistle commentator: england win! england come to be sealing their biggest win for yea rs come to be sealing their biggest win for years and with it, their first semifinal for a for years and with it, their first semifinalfor a generation. gareth southgate becoming just the third manager of his country to achieve such a feat. i can't speak highly enough of the whole squad and the whole group of staff. it is so united. their level of commitment to each other, you don'tjust get through with i! each other, you don'tjust get through with 11 players, i have everybody at home enjoys tonight because not very often, as we know, it has happened. we are enjoying it, i never found here are enjoying it and the fans back home i am sure they are enjoying it. —— the fans here are enjoying it. we need to keep doing what we're doing and make
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the country proud. england fans have grown used to disappointment at major tournament but not here, not today. not with this remarkable young teen insuring theirjourney in russia continues. southgate had been manager from the 21, of players know him fora manager from the 21, of players know him for a long time. they have a syste m him for a long time. they have a system in place and it is working. new team, a young team and they have done us proud. it is working. a new team, a young team and they have done us proud home! it's coming home! ! a place very few of those who have won the shot had experienced. could they make it to their first experienced. could they make it to theirfirst final since experienced. could they make it to their first final since they won the world cup more than half a century ago? on this performance and with these players? it would no longer be a surprise. very few england fans made it as far as here in samara but it is thought that tens of millions of people in england watched the action unfold as the goals went in and the final whistle blew, there were amazing scenes ofjubilation across the country. daniele de rossi was with fa ns country. daniele de rossi was with fans in sunderland. patriotism on full show. in
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sunderland, as the game began, the mood was hopeful. i'm feeling great, i can't wait, injured 2—0. mood was hopeful. i'm feeling great, i can't wait, injured 2-0. so excited, can't wait. what do you reckon? we are going to win. with henderson and jordan pickford from such length there was an added passion here. -- from sunderland, there was. this crowd lived every tackle... every charm chanting song and every goal. for 90 minutes, this afternoon, england seemed to grind to a halt. thousands gathered around big screens, watching and willing their tea m screens, watching and willing their team to do well. in the past, england have been stressful viewing, but not so much today. the young footballers of ridgeway
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rovers stopped their games to watch. this is where harry kane played as a child. even at wimbledon, not everyone's mind was on the tennis. england! and in sunderland, at the final whistle, there was total euphoria. it's coming home! it's coming! this has been an uplifting experience. everyone watching together here, after years of disappointment, they might be seeing their team deliver. expectation level through the roof, now, but they've done really well. absolutely fab. i'm so pleased that dele alli scored, yes! bring it on! no one is in the mood to stop the celebrations just yet. daniele de rossi, bbc news, sunderland. england now know
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what stands between them and the finalfor what stands between them and the final for the first what stands between them and the finalfor the first time what stands between them and the final for the first time since 1966 and it is croatia, in the last few minutes, they have beaten the hosts, russia, in a dramatic match in saatchi in their semifinal. —— in sotchi. ivan rakitic with the penalty. 2—2 in extra time, a penalty. 2—2 in extra time, a penalty shoot out in this tournament. croatia managed to ove rco m e tournament. croatia managed to overcome hosts russia by 11—3 to prevail. they will meet england in the semi final in moscow on wednesday. a tough opponent and russia would have represented, they are ranked 20th in the world but in that are above them and they will be confident, especially of the way, as you saw, they played earlier on today. it has to be said that england have come through the easier side of the draw and they have taken advantage of that fact, they have taken advantage of the fact that giants like spain and germany have been knocked out early on in this competition in that half of the
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draw. if they make it to the final, certainly belgium or france would make very tough opponent indeed. but in that have achieved here today is monumental. when you consider their travails in recent major tournaments, getting past the quarterfinal stage, winning on penalties just five days ago. this young team has gone to places very few thought they were capable of and it may well continue on. thank you. now the rest of the news. the plan minister has been defending the brexit deal agreed by the cabinet at chequers yesterday. part of the plan is that unlimited immigration from the eu will end. but, today, theresa may refused to rule out making it easierfor eu citizens may refused to rule out making it easier for eu citizens to come here than people from other parts of the world. conservative brexiteers have said they are waiting for more details about the new proposals. 0ur political editor laura kuenssberg reports. brexit is a marathon. not a sprint. mps are rushing to downing
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street to get more theresa may's plan. the cabinet agreed it but who else knows what's going on? the only thing that is absolutely certain about is free coffee at number nine. inside number ten, the prime minister relieved to have her cabinet on board. when people voted to leave the european union, they wanted an end to free movement and free movement will end. they wanted us free movement will end. they wanted us to end the jurisdiction of the european court of justice us to end the jurisdiction of the european court ofjustice in the uk and that will end. for many brexiteer, a commitment to follow the eu's rules, to share so much still with them sounds like we're not really leaving in the way they believed. this is a deal that delivers on brexit, but it does so ina way delivers on brexit, but it does so in a way that ensures that we can build that bright future for britain. in the agreement, you make a commitment to ending unlimited eu immigration. but are you ruling out giving some form of preferential treatment to eu citizens after we leave ? treatment to eu citizens after we leave? free movement from the european union will end. but that
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wasn't my question. free movement from the european union will end. what i've said before and will continue to say is that we recognise that people will still want to carry on travelling to europe and europeans travelling to the uk. so it's possible they may still get some preferential treatment? we are going to decide. downing street's whole package would tie at more closely to the eu than brexiteers desired. we had a great start. we all have had a great spat. a threat from the leader of their faction is still a threat, even in comic language. an egg that is very softly boiled isn't boiled at all. a very soft brexit means we haven't left, we are simply a rule—taker. that is not something that this country voted for. i will certainly stick to the conservatives' manifesto commitments. and will not vote for something that doesn't deliver brexit. after months of strops, will the cabinet really pipe down? you believe yesterday drew a line and now anyone who speaks out against policy, they will have to walk away? yesterday, what i said was that collective responsibility has
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returned and what i felt, what i had from people sitting around that table was a real sense that we move forward together. so, do you hope that this will be the end of the tory psychodrama over europe? this will be, i think, a point... what we're all doing is putting the national interest first. the eu have been clear throughout this very long process already. they don't like the idea of britain picking and mixing. your proposal does just that. up to now, what we have seen from europe, the proposals that they have effectively put to us, have been ones that we could not accept. we're just about to sit down and start those negotiations with them. i think, from the reaction we have seen so far, there is an understanding and an acceptance that this is something that we should be sitting down and talking about. looking serious to the eu is what she wants. but looking serious at home is still a challenge. a memo circulating amongst eurosceptics said the cabinet's new plan is not credible, calling it a "black—hole brexit", even if senior ministers had enough sweeteners to be able to
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sign. labour has its own brexit headaches, but questions whether this deal can last. i've got a feeling the whole thing might start to unravel in a few days. it's also very unclear whether or not they could deliver that as an agreement with europe. number ten has had to take oh—so careful steps to move brexit forward. but the prime minister's foes still lurk only paces from herfront door. laura kuenssberg, bbc news, westminster. well, a number of business leaders have welcomed the cabinet agreement on brexit, saying it provides greater certainty about the future but there has been some concern, tampion. joe lynam has been assessing what the prime minister's latest plan could mean for businesses in the uk. from giant aircraft makers to global car—makers, big business has been
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very vocal over the past fortnight about what a poor brexit deal would mean forjobs about what a poor brexit deal would mean for jobs and about what a poor brexit deal would mean forjobs and investment in britain. the agreement thrashed out in chequers could give them peace of mind. what would this mean for companies and jobs? there would be no difference in safety and product standards between the uk and eu post brexit. there is talk labour mobility. it would allow fund to bring in key staff on the eu but end freedom of movement. that services such as finance, tourism and hospitality which accounts for four fifths of the economy are not included. banks in the city of london would be able to sell as easily in the eu as they currently do because they would lose their so—called passporting writes. nonetheless, the body which represents many banks and professional advisers was optimistic. what has been set out is a constructive way forward. it sets out a meaningful path on goods and sets out some encouraging noises on services. the important thing now is
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to see what the detail is that we see in the white paper next week but also what the reaction on the european side is. the institute of directors and the cbi, which represents large employers and manufacturers broadly welcomed last night's announcement from chequers but the former boss of the british chambers of commerce was lest please. and lest please. has arrived at an elaborate fraud for the electorate. what we are seeing here is the uk permanently tied to the european union. she has devised a deal that deals with goods, so that france and germany can continue to sell huge quantities of goods and will continue with our massive trade deficit. it has ignored the services, where we are strong. it's a one—way street. services, where we are strong. it's a one-way street. employers and their staff must wait to see how eu leaders react and whether the chequers compromise is dead on arrival. joe lynam, bbc news. a police officer has been taken to hospital after the novichok nerve
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agent poisoning of a couple in wiltshire last weekend. it's understood the officer is undergoing specialist tests. 0ur understood the officer is undergoing specialist tests. our home affairs correspondent gene kelly is at the great western hospital in swindon where the officer was first taken. what more can you tell us? that's right, ben, the officer was originally seen here and then transferred to salisbury. salisbury is the place where the two latest victims of novichok poisoning are being treated. if the hospital which nursed the skripals back to health. it is being stressed tonight that the advice from public health england remains that the risk to the wider public remains low. he added the great western, the emergency department has been closed this evening. we are told it is about to reopen and another that has just pulled up —— here at the great western. people in this country has faced disruption because of the
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ongoing public health situation. thank you. injapan, at in japan, at least 50 injapan, at least 50 people are reported to have been killed and dozens are missing, afterfloods reported to have been killed and dozens are missing, after floods and landslides triggered by torrential rains. 50,000 people involved in rescue operations across western and central parts of the country. more than one and a half million residents have been ordered to evacuate their homes. the 12 boys trapped in a flooded cave system in thailand have sent handwritten letters to their families, to reassure them that they are well. their football coach, families, to reassure them that they are well. theirfootball coach, who is with them, also sent a note, apologising to the parents. the team we re apologising to the parents. the team were cut off when exploring the cave two weeks ago. jonathan head reports. they're getting ready now. hundreds of divers and volunteers relaying air tanks along the route the boys will have to take to come out. one look at this, an easier part of it, is enough to tell you how difficult this rescue will be. the divers have taken
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letters from the boys and their coach to their parents. one is the goalkeeper in the team. "don't worry, mum and dad", he writes. "i've been gone two weeks, but i will hurry back to help you in the shop." nick, who's 15, writes... "i love you, mum and dad, and my sister, too." "if i get out, can you take me to my favourite restaurant?" it was knight's 16th birthday that they were celebrating that day. "i do love you, my parents and my sister", he writes. "don't worry about me." "i love everyone. " we've come down to a little village and this is where knight, the 16—year—old member of the football team whose birthday it was, and that is why they went into the cave to celebrate it. we have come to talk to some of his relatives here. now we know that a rescue operation is likely soon.
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we just want to see how they're feeling about it. his great aunt wants him brought out as soon as possible because she worries about the rising water. his aunt says she has been watching the darkening clouds with dread. they all just want this ordeal to be over. the weather is changing. the weather is changing, here. the organisers of this rescue say there won't be a better time to try. jonathan head, bbc news, tham luang caves, northern thailand. tennis and britain's number one kyle edmond has been knocked out of wimbledon. he lost 3—1 to novak djokovic. 0ur sports correspondent joe wilson was watching. just as footballers returned to their changing room in russia, kyle edmund came out to play at wimbledon. centre court knew the football score. and for a while he was inspired by
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the big occasion. at the top of the screen, on the way to the first set against novak djokovic. the man who has won wimbledon three times seemed lost djokovic recomposed himself. to win the second set, 6—3. edmund lost the third set, making mistakes. listen how this one was greeted by djokovic. screaming. he simmered with the crowd and the umpire that overpowered edmund in the fourth set. this winter every thing. centre court will be maintained and come back to life in the second week when we will have djokovic, federer, serena and so much in between. as for british interest, well, there's the doubles. right now, centre court feels a little empty without colin edmund. jo wilson, bbc news, wimbledon. you can see more of all up—to—date's stories on the bbc news channel. that's all from me, good night. it has been a case of deja vu
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with the weather forecast. and today was another warm, dry and a day across much of the country. he was the scene in greater london. over the next few days that theme continues. it will be largely dry with high pressure in charge. there will be strong sunshine on the cards as well. perhaps a little more cloud tomorrow. here is a cloud we had today. the most part it has just been fair weather claret bubbling up. a little more cloud across northern ireland and the west of scotland as well. that will hang around this evening and overnight. the many southern and eastern parts it is clear and dry. the odd misty patch forming into the early hours
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of sunday and another warm night particularly in the south with temperatures around 15 or 16. a little cooler further north and it will be a humid start to sunday. high pressure driving our weather at the moment. a week weather front, a cold front pushing into scotland, that could introduce some rain, thicker cloud to the north—west of scotland at times, and ahead of that one or two rogue showers for southern scotland into the north of england as well. elsewhere another dry day and in the sunshine it will warm again. the hottest weather will be the parts of england and wales. not quite as hot further north across parts of scotland. stornoway at around 16 degrees. 23 to 25 elsewhere across northern ireland and scotland. 30 or 31 across southern england. and sunday is the british grand prix at silverstone. conditions are little like this, some sunshine breaking through the cloud. it should stay dry and it will be hot for the grand prix. 29 degrees or so is the top temperature
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at silverstone on sunday. looking into monday, high pressure still with us, we have a cold front fading away into tuesday, but pushing south across some eastern parts, introducing cooler weather. into tuesday a slight dip in temperature but still remaining warm and sunny and then it will be hotting up once again as we look towards the end of the week and next weekend. hello. this is bbc news with maxine croxall. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment — first the headlines. cheering and applause. england have secured a place in their first world cup semifinal in 28 years after a 2-0 cup semifinal in 28 years after a 2—0 win against sweden. they will face croatia who have beaten russia. they will meet in moscow on
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wednesday. the prime minister has refused to rule out preferential treatment for eu citizens coming to the uk after brexit. but a briefing circulated to some eurosceptic mps says the cabinet plan agreed at chequers could lead to a "worst—of—all—worlds" brexit. a police officer is being tested at a hospital in salisbury after possibly being
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